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A Delicious Treat from D’Lish!

As others in the event industry can attest, when others are paryting (nights, weekends, holidays), the Hamby team is hard at work. December 2012 proved to be a marathon event month, and we were so thankful to be part of so many fabulous celebrations for our clients.

Selecting a free date in December for our company holiday party is nearly impossible, so we have opted to extend the holidays into January! This year we opted to have our holiday party at South End Brewery in their third floor event space. It is such a treat for us to let someone else handle the eats and drinks while we can enjoy each other’s company in a social setting.

The “piece de resistance” was the amazing hummingbird cake from Molly Lawson at D’Lish Desserts. We love working with vendors like D’Lish for client events, but it’s even more fun when the treats are for us! We asked her to concoct a delicious confection featuring the Hamby Catering & Events logo, and she really knocked it out of the park. Not only was the cake beautiful, but it was a true treat for the taste buds.

Feast your eyes on this cake, and let your imagination run wild with how Molly can create your own personalized dessert! Visit her website or connect with her on Facebook for more information.

The Hamby Cake!

The Hamby Cake!

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Hamby’s Buche de Noel (Yule Log)

A first glimpse at the Hamby Holiday Buche de Noel (Yule Log) finished with pistachios and meringue puffs. Place your holiday pickup order today!  Call 854.571.3103 or order online. 

For a bit of history on the Yule Log tradition, check out this link! Happy Holidays to all.

Hamby Holiday Yule Log



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Charleston Bridal Show 2010

The Charleston Bridal Show

We were so privileged to host the 2010 Charleston Bridal Show at the Gaillard Auditorium last Sunday, July 11, 2010

The booths echoed with the pitter patter of brides to be

With the grooms tagging along saying, “Why Lord? Why me?”

Dashing from booth to booth to make plans for the special day

There’s so much to see and do at each and every display

There’s no better place to be than The Charleston Bridal Show

To find out what you need, who to call, what to know

From styling your hair to picking your dress

Picking linens, tables and chairs, my what a mess

But when the brides need to know where to go for their food

There was no competition…not to be arrogant or rude

The Hamby booth was adorned with bright linens that caught your eye

And Southern appetizers that no one could pass by

The Wedding Cakes towered high to the sky

While little Charleston Tea Cakes were layered tier high

With the reputation that proceeds

We at Hamby have just what a bride needs

To make this day of all days

One to remember for always

2010 Charleston Bridal Show

We at Hamby Catering and Events hope to provide you with everything that you need and desire when celebrating your wedding.  If you were unable to come see us at the Bridal Show, please send us your contact information or call us to schedule an appointment to get more information or schedule a tasting.

2010 Charleston Bridal Show
2010 Charleston Bridal Show Hamby Catering Booth

2010 Charleston Bridal Show

Hamby Catering at the 2010 Charleston Bridal Show

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Why Bake when there is Watermelon Cake?

watermelon cake by Hamby Catering

Why bake when there is Watermelon Cake?

Healthy, Delicious and Refreshing

Take a look at one of our chef’s innovative and inspiring wedding “cakes”.  James Johnson, Hamby Catering’s master pastry chef, designed and created this healthy, artistic, and fabulous watermelon display to resemble an actual decorated wedding cake.  This healthy and fun alternative could be the talk of any occasion.  It could easily serve as a groom’s cake, the solution to a sweet tooth craving at a family reunion, or as a wonderful substitute to the ever popular and traditional fruit display.

James hand carved each of the “flowers” that adorned the cake, magically turning fruits into flowers.  Cantaloupe daisies, honeydew asters and papaya lotus blossoms accented the magnificent, unique, creation.

Let us not forget the overwhelming advantages of the ever so indulging watermelon. Did you know that watermelon is 92% water, contains no fat, no cholesterol, and is a significant source of vitamin A and C, fiber, and potassium?  In addition, watermelon serves as a popular, widely available treat in many cultures around the world.  Serving as a desert, a snack, a pickle, or a compliment to a summer salad, watermelons have satisfied our cravings for years and years.

So forget the old saying, “A moment on the lips forever on the hips”.  Let our watermelon cake put the cool on your lips while shedding the weight from your hips.  So here it is…a beautiful wedding cake that you can indulge in to your heart’s content… your healthy heart’s content that is!

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Drew the Bride Detective Cake

Hamby Catering catered the launch party for the new television show Drew the Bride Detective. The party was hosted by Marriott Charleston Waterfront. Here is a photo of the cake. The photos were taken by Erin Sage Photography

Cakes by Hamby Catering

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