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Hamby Drums It Up for Operation Home

Hamby Catering & Events is thrilled to support Operation Home’s Drum It Up event with a live auction item, all proceeds benefitting Operation Home. The 6th Annual Drum It Up event, presented by ARA (Apartment Realty Advisors), is taking place this Sunday, October 23 from 6-10pm at Red Drum Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Tickets are still available for purchase here. This year’s fiesta-themed event will include a silent & live auction, delicious food and beverage from award-winning Chef Ben Berryhill.

Operation Home’s mission is to help people remain in their homes by increasing safety and accessibility.  Operation Home is committed to ensuring that no person is forced to live in a home that is inaccessible or unsafe.  Their work focuses on the people who need us the most: households that contain children, a person with  a disability, or the elderly.

We’ll leave you with a couple of photos from the 2010 Drum It Up! Hope to see you there.

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Friends of the Hunley are Friends of Hamby Catering & Events

A Southern Introduction:

“What’s your name?  Where are you from?”

We understand the importance of knowing who we are and where we come from and we support the mission of Friends of the Hunley.

“Friends of the Hunley is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the H.L. Hunley complete her historic journey home.  The goals of the Friends of the Hunley are: to recover the remains of the brave men who gave their lives and honor them with the proper burial that they earned; to solve the mystery of that first ever submarine attack in 1864; and to conserve one of the greatest, most sought-after artifacts in the history of naval warfare.”
We at Hamby Catering were so honored to support the cause of Friends of the Hunley in August 2010.  Friends of the Hunley celebrated their 10th anniversary since the Hunley was raised.  Supporters, coordinators, and donors reveled in this magnificent find and celebrated not only the historical significance but the opportunity to unveil more about the vessel and the passengers.
Charleston is centered in preserving its heritage, knowing who we are by knowing who we came from and where we came from.  Conservation and preservation is extremely important to the people of Charleston and to us at Hamby Catering & Design.  With that in mind we decorated the City Gallery to reflect the treasures and tools of the Hunley.  The tables dawned lanterns, fishing nets, shiny coins, wooden boats, seashells and iron fish.  We succeeded in introducing our considered timeless treasures of the south, fried oysters, crabcakes, bacon wrapped scallops, chilled shrimp cocktail, and chicken salad with fruit and cheese.  An exact replica cake of the H.L. Hunley was the grand centerpiece for the occasion.
We so enjoyed creating the mood for this momentous celebration and hope that all coordinators, supporters, contributors, donors, and friends continue to support the cause of Friends of the Hunley!

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Drew the Bride Detective

Hamby Catering catered the launch party for the new television show Drew the Bride Detective. The party was hosted by Marriott Charleston Waterfront. Here are some photos from the event. The photos were taken by Erin Sage Photography

Drew the Bride Detective Catering

Drew the Bride Detective

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