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Meet Ms. Maybell

For 24 years, Maybell Williams has been “behind the scenes” at Hamby Catering & Events, orchestrating food details and kitchen operations while supervising a culinary crew of both regular and seasonal staff. As Hamby’s Kitchen Supervisor Ms. Maybell brings culinary expertise, leadership, and an amazing level of energy to this bustling family-owned business.

Hired initially as a baker, Ms. Maybell’s skill and enthusiasm was quickly recognized by Frances Hamby who promoted her to management after her first month on the job. When asked about her specific responsibilities, several members of her team laughed and remarked “what doesn’t she do?” From organizing and expediting event menu needs, testing new menu items, making sandwich mixtures, baked items and more, Miss Maybell is a recipe for Hamby success: equal parts speed, strength and compassion mixed with smiles, competence and appreciation for family.

“I am so happy working here. Mrs. Hamby (Fran) is not only our matriarch, but she’s my mentor and friend. I’ve learned so much; she’s been a jewel to me.” Ms. Maybell describes (Co-Owner) Steve Hamby “like a brother”, and is considered an adopted mother by her kitchen employees.

Originally from Johns Island, Maybell is a culinary arts graduate from Johnson and Wales University. She resides west of the Ashley in Charleston, S.C. with her husband of 32 years. When not in the Hamby Catering kitchen, Ms. Maybell will likely be found in her home garden; composting and harvesting everything from eggplants and okra, to sweet potatoes and collard greens.

Here are some of Ms. Maybell’s Hamby Catering favorites:
Crab Cakes (all meat with little to no filler)
Ham Biscuits and Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Maybell’s Collard Greens (see recipe in Hamby’s Catering To Charleston cookbook)

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Frances Hamby’s Catering To Charleston book signing Dec 11, 2010

catering to CharlestonJoin us Saturday Dec. 11th at Charleston Cooks! Maverick Kitchen Store to meet Frances Hamby, an icon of Lowcountry cuisine. Purchase a copy of Catering To Charleston; Cherished Recipes from a Premier Southern Caterer. Frances Hamby will be on hand to sign her books and delight you with some tasty bites from her kitchen.

In Catering To Charleston Mrs. Hamby shares famous family recipes including many used at Hamby Catering today. Packed with tips, Fran’s Notes, and glimpses into Charleston’s rich culinary history this cookbook is treasured by those who share our mother’s love of gracious dining and entertaining, Lowcountry hospitality, and of course, family. We look forward to meeting you tomorrow!

3 – 5:00 pm
Saturday, December 11
Charleston Cooks! Maverick Kitchen Store
194 East Bay Street, Charleston SC

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Mrs. Hamby’s signed cookbooks
make great holiday gifts!

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Friends of the Hunley are Friends of Hamby Catering & Events

A Southern Introduction:

“What’s your name?  Where are you from?”

We understand the importance of knowing who we are and where we come from and we support the mission of Friends of the Hunley.

“Friends of the Hunley is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the H.L. Hunley complete her historic journey home.  The goals of the Friends of the Hunley are: to recover the remains of the brave men who gave their lives and honor them with the proper burial that they earned; to solve the mystery of that first ever submarine attack in 1864; and to conserve one of the greatest, most sought-after artifacts in the history of naval warfare.”
We at Hamby Catering were so honored to support the cause of Friends of the Hunley in August 2010.  Friends of the Hunley celebrated their 10th anniversary since the Hunley was raised.  Supporters, coordinators, and donors reveled in this magnificent find and celebrated not only the historical significance but the opportunity to unveil more about the vessel and the passengers.
Charleston is centered in preserving its heritage, knowing who we are by knowing who we came from and where we came from.  Conservation and preservation is extremely important to the people of Charleston and to us at Hamby Catering & Design.  With that in mind we decorated the City Gallery to reflect the treasures and tools of the Hunley.  The tables dawned lanterns, fishing nets, shiny coins, wooden boats, seashells and iron fish.  We succeeded in introducing our considered timeless treasures of the south, fried oysters, crabcakes, bacon wrapped scallops, chilled shrimp cocktail, and chicken salad with fruit and cheese.  An exact replica cake of the H.L. Hunley was the grand centerpiece for the occasion.
We so enjoyed creating the mood for this momentous celebration and hope that all coordinators, supporters, contributors, donors, and friends continue to support the cause of Friends of the Hunley!

Event catering Charleston SC

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Charleston Bridal Show 2010

The Charleston Bridal Show

We were so privileged to host the 2010 Charleston Bridal Show at the Gaillard Auditorium last Sunday, July 11, 2010

The booths echoed with the pitter patter of brides to be

With the grooms tagging along saying, “Why Lord? Why me?”

Dashing from booth to booth to make plans for the special day

There’s so much to see and do at each and every display

There’s no better place to be than The Charleston Bridal Show

To find out what you need, who to call, what to know

From styling your hair to picking your dress

Picking linens, tables and chairs, my what a mess

But when the brides need to know where to go for their food

There was no competition…not to be arrogant or rude

The Hamby booth was adorned with bright linens that caught your eye

And Southern appetizers that no one could pass by

The Wedding Cakes towered high to the sky

While little Charleston Tea Cakes were layered tier high

With the reputation that proceeds

We at Hamby have just what a bride needs

To make this day of all days

One to remember for always

2010 Charleston Bridal Show

We at Hamby Catering and Events hope to provide you with everything that you need and desire when celebrating your wedding.  If you were unable to come see us at the Bridal Show, please send us your contact information or call us to schedule an appointment to get more information or schedule a tasting.

2010 Charleston Bridal Show
2010 Charleston Bridal Show Hamby Catering Booth

2010 Charleston Bridal Show

Hamby Catering at the 2010 Charleston Bridal Show

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Drew the Bride Detective Cake

Hamby Catering catered the launch party for the new television show Drew the Bride Detective. The party was hosted by Marriott Charleston Waterfront. Here is a photo of the cake. The photos were taken by Erin Sage Photography

Cakes by Hamby Catering

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