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Mad About Mushrooms

Here at Hambyland we’re going rogue. September may have been National Mushroom Month, but we’re determined to keep on celebrating into October! Aside from visiting the apple orchard and picking pumpkins, Fall welcomes comforting mushroom recipes to our recipe repertoire. Mushrooms add a hearty texture and umami to Fall favorites like chili or stuffed acorn squash, as well as to help transition summer foods into the chillier season. They are extremely versatile and can be worked into many recipes for a new and interesting twist on your traditional favorites. We love adding finely chopped mushrooms into burgers and meatloaf, which both adds nutrients and pumps up the flavor of a simple weeknight meal. Also, check out our Facebook page to see the delicious Asiago & 4 Mushroom tart that Chef Brunski whipped up this week. Yum!

Below are a few pictures that are inspiring us right now… Enjoy!

Mushroom MadnessMushroom MadnessMushroom MadnessMushroom Madness

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