Diggin’ on Donuts

Guests have been delighted by our newest event dessert offering – donuts. Plated, or as an action station using our new donut machine, Hamby donuts can be served hot and fresh with a variety of toppings, including powdered sugar, customized icing colors to match an event, cinnamon sugar or cracked M&Ms. Our new dessert is being devoured like never before. Seconds, please!

Since debuting at Spoleto last spring, our new donut machine has been all the craze at local events. In fact, we’ve served more than 50,000 hot and fresh donuts in the past three months. As a chef-attended station at SEWE, Stray Dog Society and the Volvo Car Open, these mini donuts are the perfect nostalgic snack.

The tiny dessert is a great filler for conference room breaks or a festive treat during a wedding reception. While they are easy to eat, they are also fun to display and guaranteed to bring a smile to any guest.

So far, we’ve experimented with tons of icing flavors, including Buttermilk Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry and Espresso Icing. The donut toppings are the most fun part of the dessert – ranging from Benne Wafers to Toasted Pecans and Crispy Bacon. But, if classic flavors are what you desire, make sure to save room for Powdered or Cinnamon Sugar.

To include donuts in the line-up of your next event, contact an Event Producer for more information.

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