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A Wild Weekend: 2015 SEWE Recap

As you may know, Charleston was quite the zoo this past weekend. The 33rd Annual Southeastern Wildlife Exposition brought nearly 40,000 Lowcountry locals and out-of-towners together to celebrate the best of wildlife art and the sporting life.
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Why Bake when there is Watermelon Cake?

watermelon cake by Hamby Catering

Why bake when there is Watermelon Cake?

Healthy, Delicious and Refreshing

Take a look at one of our chef’s innovative and inspiring wedding “cakes”.  James Johnson, Hamby Catering’s master pastry chef, designed and created this healthy, artistic, and fabulous watermelon display to resemble an actual decorated wedding cake.  This healthy and fun alternative could be the talk of any occasion.  It could easily serve as a groom’s cake, the solution to a sweet tooth craving at a family reunion, or as a wonderful substitute to the ever popular and traditional fruit display.

James hand carved each of the “flowers” that adorned the cake, magically turning fruits into flowers.  Cantaloupe daisies, honeydew asters and papaya lotus blossoms accented the magnificent, unique, creation.

Let us not forget the overwhelming advantages of the ever so indulging watermelon. Did you know that watermelon is 92% water, contains no fat, no cholesterol, and is a significant source of vitamin A and C, fiber, and potassium?  In addition, watermelon serves as a popular, widely available treat in many cultures around the world.  Serving as a desert, a snack, a pickle, or a compliment to a summer salad, watermelons have satisfied our cravings for years and years.

So forget the old saying, “A moment on the lips forever on the hips”.  Let our watermelon cake put the cool on your lips while shedding the weight from your hips.  So here it is…a beautiful wedding cake that you can indulge in to your heart’s content… your healthy heart’s content that is!

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