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Transformation. Getting Our Wings.

As with the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, often times you cannot appreciate the extreme transformation until you see the before & after images.

This can also be said for the transformation of a venue for a particular event, whether it be a wedding, a corporate event or a themed party. Only when you compare the “after” images with the “before”, can you truly revel in the ability of a coordinator to bring a vision to life with design, rentals, and decor.

Upstairs at Midtown provided Hamby Catering & Events with the opportunity to transform a fabulous blank canvas into a swanky lounge for the Hamby company party in January. I’ll leave you with a few before and after images that exemplify the power of selecting the appropriate fabrics, rentals, floral and lighting to set the tone for an event. Hamby partnered with the Event DRS team for fabulous rentals, which truly complemented the design ideas from Hamby.

Before View 1.

After View 1.

And another view…

Before View 2.

After View 2.

For a full gallery of images from this event click here. And, for more information about Upstairs at Midtown, visit their website.


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The Charleston Bridal Show

Hamby Catering & Events was honored to be one of the premier sponsors for the Sunday, January 22 Charleston Bridal Show at the Charleston Marriott. It was very exciting to interact with brides and their entourage (moms & dads, friends & family) in various stages of wedding planning. We were in booths 1 & 2 and accomplished a “lounge-y” feel with our booth design, conducive to “getting-to-know-you” conversation and planning.

It was also a wonderful opportunity to work with some of our favorite vendors, who helped us bring the design in our heads, to life! Big thanks to Event DRS and Lotus Flower. We were also able to showcase photography from some of our recent events, compliments of Richard Bell Photography, Virgil Bunao Photography, and Juliet Elizabeth Photography.

Peruse a few shots of our booth setup below, and if you missed visiting the team at The Charleston Bridal Show, please reach out to us online, or connect with us on Facebook & Twitter!

From left: Leah, Megan & Candice. Leah was the mastermind for the booth design!

Close up of side tables with Hamby coaster

Lounge Effect

Treats, Photos & Flowers



Gourmet Hamby Popcorn. Bacon & Cheddar and Toffee Flavors.

New Hamby Logo Signage!

Tasty Apps.

Hamby Gift Basket. Winner to be announced this week!

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