Cliff Arnold

Sous Chef

Cliff Arnold

Cliff was born in California and raised in Honea Path, South Carolina. He had always known he had a love for cooking since he was a teen. He started watching YouTube videos to learn different skills, and from there, he started cooking all different types of dishes at home until he knew this was the career he wanted to pursue.

He worked at Magnolia in downtown Charleston before starting at Coda Del Pesce on IOP. After a while, he knew he was ready for a new challenge and came to join Team Hamby in January 2022.

His favorite thing about working at Hamby Catering & Events is working alongside people with his same interests; seeing guests at events find joy through his food helps fuel his passion. Also, being surrounded by masters of their craft, he is constantly picking up on new techniques and tips to make his that much better at his job.

He currently resides in Mount Pleasant with his girlfriend, Kaytlyn (who is also a part of Team Hamby!) and his two dogs, Apollo and Beau. On his days off, he enjoys trying out new dishes and watching anime. He also has a love for fishing and trying new foods.