Science dictates that people gravitate towards bright, colorful cuisine. Eating is just as much about visual perception as it is about taste. Before taking the first bite of an hors d’oeuvre at an event, guests have already started to form an opinion about its flavor, based solely on the look and presentation.

Food shades and hues play a big role in the sensory experience of eating. At Hamby, we strive to create and serve colorful food that appeals to the eyes as much as it does to the stomach. After all, vibrant food makes eating more fun, and most importantly it means that the produce is fresh and rich in nutrients. Taste buds approved!

Throughout the year, seasonal produce springs up allowing Hamby to get creative with food. Summer is an exceptional time to cook deliciously healthy and eye-catching fruits and vegetables (think tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, peaches, watermelon & more!). With ripe produce, you’re not only cooking with fresh and colorful ingredients, but you’re crafting mouthwatering dishes that are doubly enticing – at first sight & bite!

There are an abundance of recipes that incorporate a mixture of seasonal trends. Check out this month’s featured Hamby recipe, our Cucumber Spi Rolls to try your hand at this multicolored appetizer!


Hamby’s Chef Brunski is known for his innovative plating methods and creative use of blended color palettes. Whether he’s preparing a simple selection of bright red watermelon cubes topped with green basil oil, tuna tartar on a crispy sesame wontons or Carolina sushi with cucumber, mango and avocado – Chef carefully considers how every detail works together to produce a visually impactful dish.



In addition, spreads like our Signature Farm Stand provide a spectrum of shades at a summer event. From its green kiwi, pickled peaches and dried apricots to roasted yellow squash, zucchini and lemon cream dip, this dish’s rainbow appearance is a win-win on taste and looks.


Hamby has recently pushed the color spectrum even further with event color-themed food creations. We crafted this purple and golden Cauliflower Timbale with Avocado Microgreens and a Batonnet of Fresh Radish for the SC Aquarium Gala, donning the event’s colors right on the plate!

Colorful cooking guarantees a fresh, healthy and beautiful dish. Try your hand at color cuisine exploration with your next meal!

To learn more about colorful food health benefits, check out this article “Eat By Color” on