One of the Top 20 Catering Trends for 2015 is emerging, and it’s not the traditional beef carving station (surprise, surprise).  According to Social Tables,  a nationally recognized resource on event planning, serving miniature portions of dishes at events is hot this year.  At Hamby, we love creating the perfect bites, and have shaped our menus to offer unique options in line with this trend.

As cocktail hours continue to get stretched to longer, more extravagant affairs so that newlyweds can get photos in the “magic hour” of light, or social events become “standing room only” – our clients have started ordering more passed hors d’oeuvres for their events. We think we can credit this movement to a couple of different reasons.

First of all, people like options. It’s fun to have a stacked menu with different flavors and pairings to satisfy all tastes, and it give guests an opportunity to try something unexpected. We recommend providing variety by offering a fish or shrimp bite, a hearty meat option and a vegetarian treat.  Our Watermelon Cube with fresh mozzarella, house-made basil oil and balsamic salt is a new crowd favorite!

Guests also like to chat while they eat, so it’s best to have food that can be consumed in a single bite (or maybe two). Some events aim to have a more relaxed atmosphere and are not suited for a sit down meal, so mini bites are the perfect solution to feed your guests while keeping the party going.  It doesn’t mean they have to leave hungry.  Our braised short ribs atop crispy polenta cake, or fried chicken bite on a maple syrup waffle, are sure to appease appetites.

Combining a wide variety of ingredients into one perfect bite is not an easy task, but our chefs are up for the challenge. Chef Brunksi and his team, including sous chefs Maybell Williams and Fred Herring, work diligently to make each bite unique and precise.  From the preparation to the plating, we take a lot of pride in the display of each miniature portion.

As we spring into April, we’re excited to highlight our Spring/Summer Hors D’oeuvres menu that includes items like Carolina Sushi, Chicken Ceasar Bibb Lettuce Cups and Mini Tomato Pie.