Sous Chef

Deb Allen

Growing up in a multicultural household is where Deb’s love for food began, as her Korean mother and her African American father both brought different and delicious meals to the table. She lived abroad in Germany as a child before her family settled in South Carolina in the summer of 1995.

Deb moved to Charleston in 2013 to attend The Art Institute to study Culinary Arts. Prior to joining Hamby, Deb served as a Line Cook in one of Charleston’s most beloved restaurants. Upon joining Hamby in early 2016, Deb worked as an Event Chef, ensuring that all culinary logistics ran smoothly and that food was prepared and plated perfectly for offsite events. After a brief stint with another catering outfit, Deb rejoined Team Hamby as a Sous Chef in 2018.

Deb’s playful and positive energy is contagious, and she adds a light, fun vibe to any project she is part of. She has become known for always going above and beyond what is asked of her and is always willing to pitch in to help other team members.