Originally from Augusta, GA, Taylor’s passion for hospitality began via growing up working in her family’s catering business during the annual Master’s Golf Tournament held at Augusta National. College of Charleston drew Taylor to the Lowcountry, and she obtained a degree in Hospitality and Tourism. After graduating, Taylor furthered her hospitality experience through travel and a stint in customer relations at a luxury hotel in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Taylor joined Team Hamby in Summer 2021 as part of the Event Execution team, where she currently serves as an Event Lead.

Her impeccable ability to form and maintain relationships with our clients, vendors and other Hamby team members led Taylor to expand her day to day responsibilities into the Customer Relations Representative role. Taylor is the important liaison between our clients and our Event Producers, carefully gauging the dynamics and personality of each client. She also works to ensure that the logistics between deliveries and limited service events are executed perfectly with the professionalism and personalization that Hamby is known for.

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