We can’t believe our Lowcountry wedding season is about to ramp up again! This year, our team has already served more than 150 wedding receptions and assisted countless couples through the planning process. Besides custom menu creation, the Hamby team aids couples and planners with rental orders, timeline creation and space planning for their venue. In 2016, many couples gravitated towards southern-inspired cuisine and innovative items. Today, we’re sharing our top five catering trends from this past wedding receptions and looking to the year ahead.

#1: Intriguing Presentations Make a Statement 

Clever food presentations make a statement. This is exemplified in our Cheesecake Mousse with Raspberry Sauce that we serve in a stemless wine glass or our Mini Shrimp & Grits presented in a mini mason jar. We know that presentation counts and love hearing client feedback that guests not only talk about the taste of our menu items, but how they are presented as well.


#2: Fuse Global Cuisine with Local Ingredients 

Glo-cal is huge right now (read: pairing global flavor with local ingredients). Headquartered in a port town, Hamby has the benefit of receiving fresh seafood and produce. With Charleston as the number two wedding destination in the country, our clients come to us from across the nation with a well-traveled palette. They often want to incorporate the southern tradition of the Lowcountry with food items customary to their heritage. A great example of one of Hamby’s favorite glo-cal dishes is our Swordfish en Chemise a la Nicoise that is served with Mediterranean flavors of Eggplant, Phyllo and Chèvre Feta with Olive Tapenade Oil.


#3: Old-School Comfort Hits Home

Comfort food is king. Hamby loves the challenge of re-inventing old school recipes with a modern twist. Recently, our Artisan Donut Station has become a popular request, which features variations on the seemingly simple treat. Donut offerings include Chocolate icing, with crispy bacon; buttermilk vanilla icing with chopped M&Ms and espresso icing with toasted pecans. We’re coming back for seconds!


#4: The ‘Classics’ Make a Comeback 

It’s important to include a few easily recognizable items on the menu. Even though our guests embrace cutting-edge culinary creations, they also gravitate toward traditional flavors like Tomato Pies, Tea Sandwiches and Shrimp and Grits. You can’t go wrong with the classics, y’all.


#5: Mini Bites with Big Flavor Flourish

First emerging in 2015, guests are still raving about eating food in a single bite (or two). Mini bites are the perfect solution to feed your guests while mingling with party-goers. Some favorites include our Yucca Root Chips with Edamame or Mini Tomato Pies. You can read more about this trend in our previous blog post, here.